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“There are many couples who, instead of looking at marriage as a “Partnership,” they see it as a “Boxing Ring.” There are at least three things that happen in a boxing ring. Finding out what it is can save you hundreds of headaches and

disillusions. Many of us might be wondering how I ended up here? Marriage does not have to be a boxing match, quite the opposite, it is an investment and endeavor that requires a lot of teamwork.

Nevertheless, we have been tamed, conditioned, and molded to believe that somehow, marriage is in fact, “sleeping with the enemy.” That somehow it is a social necessary evil that we have to put up with and “wish” we can make it to the Since we are little, we are told by our parents, “You do not let any woman take advantage of you,” or “Darling, go to school, get your education, and do not let any man tell you what to do or how to do it.”

When we perceive our spouse as the opponent I have to deal with, is like having a boxing match. There are usually three things that goes on in a boxing ring. The first thing that happens is that you get hit pretty bad; the second thing is that you get really exhausted; and the third one, is that you lose – well, some might said there is always a winner but when you see how their faces ended up, you definitively say, they lose.

When it comes to marriage, it’s not any different. That is why many times we wonder why I am so beat up, so exhausted, we feel like we have been wasting our time and life. Why? Because instead of regarding marriage as life’s most important investment and endeavor, instead of seeing myself as a partner for life,

we keep fighting for position, for control, for just the desire to be right.


Marriage, Serious Business has developed a Family Development Model covering three critical processes to life’s most important investment and endeavor, these errors are:

  • Assessments
  • Perceptions
  • Resolutions

Throughout our workshops and seminars we go over these critical processes to help individual who want to build a successful marriage in order to provide perspective, tools, and encouragement to take the wheel of their marriages…”