You’d think as a divorced person you should’ve learned the lesson this far, right?

However, have you wonder why divorced people are 2 or 3 times more like to get
divorce than those who never divorced? Is it because we are ignoring the most
common mistakes divorcees make and the phases we go through in a divorce?
Discover here what the most common mistakes are and what the stages of
divorce are and how to successfully close and overcome each of these phases
and be ready for a new and healthy relationship. Nobody starts a business to bankrupt it, in the same fashion, nobody gets married with the purpose of getting divorced. Nonetheless, many people find themselves overnight with a tag on their front heads that says, “Divorcee.” Front that moment on they have to deal with a huge variety of feelings, questioning, and drastic changes in their life styles and ways of living. The vast majority think
at that moment in their lives that they will never embark again on such madness.
According to a Gallup poll, 70 percent of divorced people were aware of the problems that led them to divorce, either as soon as they got married or soon after. What happened? What mistake was made?

Marriage, Serious Business has developed a Family Development Model covering five most common mistakes that many couples make when they embark in life’s most important investment and endeavor, these errors are:


  • A thoughtless election of the marriage partner for life
  • Deceivably believe in the 3 Lethal Perceptions of Marriage
  • Ignoring the Risk Sources
  • Ignoring the Rules of the Game
  • Follow the easy step of divorce as escapism


Marriage, Serious Business has developed a Family Development Model

covering five phases that every divorcee goes through, these phases are:

  • Dissonance
  • Decision
  • Negation / Justification
  • Transition
  • Healing

Throughout our workshops and seminars we go over these common mistakes and phases to help individual facing divorce in order to provide perspective, tools, and encouragement to move on with their lives.