Book: Rules of the Game, How to succeed in life’s most important investment and endeavor: Marriage.

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“Finally, a marriage book that speaks to the hearts of men and women in the language of business and encourages them to see their marriage as their most important investment. In a compelling and original way, marriage is portrayed not as business as usual but as very serious business.

In these pages you will find:

  • How the Three Foundational Cornerstones can provide the key to a successful marriage?
  • How the Risk Sources that have led many couples to divorce can jeopardize our relationships?
  • How the Rules of the Game can give us the upper hand when it comes to our marriages?
  • Why is essential to be aware of the Three Marriage clauses that we overheard in our wedding?
  • What is the difference between Vital Values and Trivial Values and how they can impact and change our marriages forever?
  • How the concept of Glued together can boost our relationship in a way never seen before?
  • What happens when the couple decides to exercise Frontline Leadership and Influential leadership?
  • How understanding the Threefold Cord concept can dramatically change the way we do marriage today?
  • How teaching our children the Five Great Codes of Life can provide the greatest legacy we want leave behind?

The book uses an entrepreneurial, business lens to explore timeless marriage wisdom. The results just might surprise you!



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Rules of the Game
How to invest in life’s most important investment and endeavor
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Rules of the Game
How to invest in life’s most important investment and endeavor
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